Terms and Conditions of Membership

1.1.The full details of the Partner Plus Benefits are available in the Electronic Welcome pack, on the Partner Plus Website, or by calling the Partner Plus Contact Centre on 0861 112 909.
1.2.The Member can only make use of the Membership Benefits by contacting the Partner Plus Contact Centre on 0861 112 909, or visiting the website to shop, make reservations or redeem vouchers online.
1.3.Information, quotes and/or advice the Member receives when using the Partner Plus Benefits are included in the Membership fees.
1.4.Partner Plus and/or the employee/member/agent agree to comply with SARS regulations that may be relevant as a result of any points issued, points redeemed or vouchers received.
1.5.The Partner Plus Benefits include but are not necessarily limited to the following services:
1.5.1.The Assistant benefit offers the Member a free 24 hour Personal Assistant service where we can find, book, do, source, call, arrange and help the Member with almost anything that they want to delegate. Partner Plus has all the latest entertainment information and will book evenings out to the theatre, comedy nights, music concerts, and even find a limousine for the Member. Cost of purchasing the end product is for the Member’s account.
1.5.2.The Negotiator benefit entitles the Member to the best discounts and deals on almost anything money can buy such as appliances, services, décor, furniture and cellular phones at over 140 000 suppliers nationwide. Cost of purchasing end product is for the Member’s account.
1.5.3.Car Dealer finds the Member new and used Cars at discounted prices, offers competitive financing and insurance options, sources vehicle accessories at discount prices and offers Members 24 hour roadside emergency assistance. Cost of purchasing the end product is for the Member’s account.
1.5.4.The Travel benefit entitles the Member to the best deals on local and international hotels, holidays, air travel, cruises, car hire and tours. Cost of purchasing the end product is for the Member’s account.
1.5.5.+Assistance offers free telephonic advice to Members on the following issues: Support
1.5.6.Homework Expert entitles Members and their children to free educational telephonic assistance offered by Teachers who cover all subjects for Grades 1-12. The service is available from 18h00 – 21h00 Monday – Thursday and excludes school and public holidays.
1.5.7.+Help is a free 24-hour telephonic emergency assistance service where Members get assistance in any medical, roadside or home emergency situation. Cost of utilising any service providers is for the Member’s own account.
1.5.8.+Shopping offers Members online access to our showroom of over 3000 products as well as discount vouchers, discounted airtime and cellular packages.  – T & C’s apply.
1.5.9.CLICK HERE for Discounted Offers - Terms and Conditions.
1.5.10.CLICK HERE for Reloadable Prepaid Cards - Terms and Conditions.
1.5.11.The Member consents to the transfer of personal information to a third party if such transfer is necessary for the performance of the contract between the Member and PLP SA Pty Ltd and Next Engage (Pty) Ltd.